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Create a New Account

You can only use the Nu-Connect e-bikes, if you work or visit Utrecht Lage Weide or De Wetering.  

To rent a bike, you need to create a user account. You can find this option on the topright of the website. 

  • You fill in the required information, including your credit card information (for the deposit). Your account will be activated and you can start using the e-bikes. Nu-Connect may contact you to verify that you are a visitor or employee. 
  • You are not in possession of a credit card? It may be, that your company uses a company account. If that is the case. please send us an email at In the email, you indicate that you want to participate in Nu-Connect Lage Weide and you provide us with your personal information (name, company name, mobile number and email address). 


Go to a docking station and take out a bike by entering your username and password on the bike’s tablet. Here you can see the number of free bikes and, if you like, you can book a bike in advance.

Electric Assist

The bike has an electric motor and will assist you up to 24 km/h. A full battery should last you a couple of hours depending on your riding style.

Return the Bike

You can return the bike to any of the docking stations. The tablet will guide you to the nearest one.

Use in Commuting

Use of the e-bikes in commuting is possible. Due to the battery life there are the following restrictions: 

  • Maximum (one way) distance is 5 to 8 kilometer;
  • Maximum assistance level is 2;
  • Maximum duration of the trip is 16 hours.