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How to log in on the tablet

Log in with username and pincode

Touch the screen to activate the tablet. Choose language (English or Dutch) and log in as a user. Tap the first field and fill in your username and in the second your pincode, then press the "Log in" button. 

Log in with a Travel card

If typing your username and pincode takes a bit long, you can also login with your Travel card (in Dutch: OV-chipkaart). Connecting your Travel card to your account goes as follows:

  • In the main menu of the tablet, click on "My page" followed by "Travel card".
  • Follow the instructions on your tablet.

After connecting your Travel card to your account, you can log in by placing the Travel card on the upper left corner of the tablet. Make sure the tabletscreen is activated first and go to the login page before using your Travel card.