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American secretary of transport rides Gobike in Kopenhagen

Grey Keyline

American secretary of transport, Anthony Foxx, has visited Kopenhagen last week. During his visit to Denmark and the Netherlands in April 2016 Foxx looked for Dutch and Danish cycling innovations. He showed great interest in the Gobike system and made a trip through Kopenhagen on a Gobike, together with Danish politicians. 

Foxx and the American department of transport are in search of innovations in the field of "smart cities", examples of innovative cycling solutions and bike infrastructure. For that reason, he planned a visit to the cycling nations of Denmark and the Netherlands. On the 20th of April he also visited our home town, Utrecht, where Alderman Van Hooijdonk showed him the cycling solutions of Utrecht.  

Making sure people have access to the 21th century economy, Foxx calls it, or: "Rethink the system." You can read more on this visit in the US Department of Transportation press release.

Anthony Foxx on a Gobike