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Companies at Lage Weide extend contract with Nu-Connect

Grey Keyline

Nu-Connect Utrecht, the share e-bike system at Utrecht Lage Weide business park, is now active for over a year. Companies recently renewed their collaboration with Nu-Connect. Employees continue to have the Gobikes ready for use.

We are also working on possible expansions. There are initiatives to connect different areas to the system. We are in dialogue with the business parks of Papendorp, Rijnsweerd and De Wetering (next to Lage Weide).


On the north side of Lage Weide there are similar opportunities. The municipality Stichtse Vecht (Maarssen, Maarssenbroek, Breukelen) has decided to facilitate Nu-Connect. Stichtse Vecht will facilitate the placement of Gobike stations and is excited about the opportunity to use the Gobikes for its own staff.