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First dockingstation in Stichtse Vecht opened at Maarssen station

Grey Keyline

Alderman Linda van Dort opened the first dockingstation for share e-bikes in Maarssen. The dockingstation is located at the Westkanaaldijk, near the entrance of Maarssen railway station.

The dockingstation is part of Nu-Connect, a system reminiscent of the former 'witte fietsen' share bikes years ago, that could be used for free or at low cost. The sharebikes, electric Gobikes, have tablets on the handlebar, with GPS, a map and a route planner.

Expansion of the Nu-Connect system at Lage Weide

Last year a pilot with Gobike share e-bikes started at Utrecht Lage Weide. There are fifteen electric bicycles, located in stations financed by local businesses. The bicycles are primarily used by employees working at participating businesses. Because many of them commute by train, the ambition was expressed to develop a Gobike dockingstation at Maarssen railway station.

The electric bicycle is suitable for business travelers, commuters and tourists. A big advantage is that the bike can be returned at any of the dockingstations. Rotterdam has also decided to put the Gobike system into use and more locations in the Netherlands will follow, also in the province of Utrecht. The first Gobikes in Maarssen can only be used by employees of companies that are connected to the Nu-Connect system.

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