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New Gobike share e-bikes for Rotterdam

Grey Keyline

Gobike wil start a new bikeshare system in Rotterdam, with 450 electric share e-bikes at more than 20 locations expected in 2017. Rotterdam will be the first city in the Netherlands where Gobikes are introduced on a large scale. In preparation, city councillor Pex Langenberg and Jeffrey Dost, director of Gobike Netherlands, signed an agreement on Februari 3rd.

The share e-bike dockingstations will be present at tourist attractions, public transport hubs and other places where lots of people have destinations. Commuters can take a share e-bike in addition to public transport. Tourists can use a bicycle to explore the city. Gobike aims to be the 'missing link' in the existing public transport network.

Using the e-bikes, people create a network between existing metro and trams stops. This will enlarge the scope of public transport. Furthermore, the electric Gobike offers a good alternative for people unable to cycle long distances and it doesn't need the parking space that cars do.

Rotterdam cycling city

City councillor Pex Langenberg: "I welcome the arrival of Gobike in Rotterdam. It fits our ambition to become a city for cyclists perfectly. It will be easier to travel in Rotterdam by Gobike. Moreover, we would like more people to use public transport instead of their cars. Gobike contributes to that. "


The city of Rotterdam will help find the perfect locations for the share e-bike's dockingstations. Gobike will install a limited network of dockingstations during 2016, in order to introduce the system to the user and to let customers get acquainted with the possibilities. Gobike expects to start with 450 bikes at 20 locations in 2017. Expansion to about 130 locations will be possible.

De Boom en het Meer, the company running the Nu-Connect system in Utrecht Lage Weide, is involved in implementing the Gobike Rotterdam system.