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New dockingstations at Merwedekanaalzone and P+R Westraven

Grey Keyline

Since December 2018, the electric Nu-Connect sharebikes can also be found in the Merwedekanaalzone in Utrecht and at the Park & Ride Westraven in the Kanaleneiland business area. Now you can travel quickly and easily to and from work and to destinations throughout Utrecht.


Nuconnect Kanaal30 500


Nu-Connect in the Merwedekanaalzone

The bikes are located at Kanaal30, situated along the Merwedekanaal and at the Park & Ride Westraven, just below the A12 in Kanaleneiland business area. Kanaal30 is a creative hotspot, where business, entrepreneurs and public meet. It is located just in the center of the new city district in development, Merwede. The Nu-Connect sharebikes are standing next to the recognizable "M" at the Kanaalweg.

With the new dockingstation at Park & Ride Westraven, visitors and employees of the Kanaleneiland business area, Meubelboulevard and Papendorp now have an excellent transport option between their work location and the Park & Ride. And with the pedal assistance of the electric sharebikes, you can travel to destinations all throughout Utrecht quickly and comfortably.


Free for employees at Business Eiland Utrecht

Are you employed at one of the companies at Business Eiland Utrecht (Kanaleneiland business area) or do you visit regularly? Then signup for an account and ride for free with the electric Nu-Connect bikes.