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Nu-Connect expands to business park Utrecht De Wetering

Grey Keyline

Business park Utrecht De Wetering will be part of the Nu-Connect system of share e-bikes this spring. Nu-Connect started at the neighbouring business park Lage Weide, where the e-bikes have been available for several years.

This spring (2017) Nu-Connect starts with three dockingstations at De Wetering: at Shell station De Wetering, at Proostwetering 26 (U2Point bedrijvencampus) and Utrecht Leidsche Rijn trainstation. In addition, employees and visitors of De Wetering can also use the existing dockingstations at Lage Weide and Maarssen trainstation. The Nu-Connect Utrecht system will further expand in this and following years. 

Using the Nu-Connect share e-bikes is free for employees and visitors of both business parks. 

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