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For employees and visitors rides are free, with a maximum of 16 hours. 

For additional services (for instance due to not returning a Nu-Connect e-bike to a dockingstation), fees will be charged.

The deposit for creating a new Nu-Connect account is €100,-



Charge per trip (up to 18 hours) €0,-
Subscription €0,-
Booking / reservation €0,-
Fees / additional charges:  
Using a bike for a longer period than 16 hours €100,- a day
Returning a bike outside a docking point, but still placed within 50m of a docking station with free spaces and locked €7,-
Returning a bike more than 50 meters outside a docking point, but still locked and with the active trip ended €25,-
Returning a bike outside Utrecht or leave a bike unlocked All costs of transporting the bike